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To meet its customer communication and marketing needs, SMS-R offers prepaid message packages to send messages from the Internet, with an uncomparable speed if compared to what can be obtained from a conventional mobile phone.
All messages include delivery notification with no additional cost: you'll have a chance to know if your message has been actually delivered (or recipient number was wrong) and which time it has been received (and thus probably red).
Some of the advantages of our system:
  • Delivery receipt included: you'll know if and when the messages has been received!
  • SMS-R online list management software usage included: it is now easy to compose your messages by typing on your computer keyboard, instead of tapping on a tiny mobile phone keypad!
  • Speed: in about 20 seconds more than 500 messages can be sent to a predefined list of numbers
  • Considerable savings compared to sending messages from a conventional mobile phone
  • All connection fees included: our service does only make use of direct connections with mobile operators, to ensure proper delivery of all messages
  • Credit validity does not expire, and all unused messages are refundable1
From 7.9c + VAT a message2 (sent to Italy3).
Prices valid for any amount of messages! Some indicative prices (valid for prepaid purchases):

AmountPackage cost
100 messages to Italy
7,90 euro (+ VAT 22%)
200 messages to Italy15,80 euro (+ VAT 22%)
500 messages to Italy39,50 euro (+ VAT 22%)
1000 messages to Italy79 euro (+ VAT 22%)
2000 messages to Italy158 euro (+ VAT 22%)
5000 messages to Italy
395 euro (+ VAT 22%)


You can benefit from discount prices when buying considerable amounts of messages.

Contact us for more informations.

(1) Unused credit can be refunded on request through a bank transfer: bank fees (usually 1 euro) will be deducted from amount of remaining credit.
(2) The above prices are referred to "economy mode": if message recipient is not a Wind customer, message sender will be a 5-digits number which will be impossible to answer to. We suggest including your name and phone number in the message text in this case to be contacted.  For customers who need to always display their mobile phone number or name on all sent messages, even when recipients are not Wind customers, the "standard mode" is available, with an additional surcharge of 2c + VAT for each sent messages.  Send mode can be freely chosen every time when sending to lists or single numbers.
(3) Messages sent to international destinations (not italian numbers) have a cost of 11c + VAT each (according to recent UE directives)

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