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Value-added SMS-based pull services

SMS-R can develop, on request, several types of applications interfacing the Internet with the SMS world.
Through this system, any kind of information which can be located on the Internet may be searched, retrieved and sent through SMS as a response to a user request (pull technology). No need to use a WAP/XHTML enabled browser; plenty of useful answers will be available everywhere, whichever the mobile phone model.

Some examples of implementable services are the following:
  • query airplane, train, ferry boats and public transport timetables; get current value of stocks; query white pages and yellow pages
  • search hotel, restaurants, pub, cinemas, theatres, concerts, supermarkets, open pharmacies, post offices, ATM, fuel tanks, carriage makers, mechanics
  • request content on demand, such as horoscopes, latest news, weather forecasts, traffic situation, teletext pages
  • home banking (balance, last movements)
  • automatic translation between different languages
  • real time tracking of deliveried goods
  • product search on an E-Commerce portal, based on specified criteria
  • search classifieds
  • services for university students (reception timetables, lessons, exams, libraries, caterings)
  • search any kind of information by looking at several differents fonts at a time
Moreover, user will also be able to post data on the Internet from text contained in a short message, as in the following example applications:
  • writing a post on a personal blog website
  • publishing a message or a comment on a public space (such as a newsgroup)
  • creating a website and a mailbox corresponding to the sender mobile phone number
  • surveys and polls
  • sending a short email
SMS-R can also be used to perform remote system administration, by executing automated maintenance procedures or sending queries to verify everything is running fine.

Here's how the SMS-R architecture works: user sends a message to the SMSC number, having contents prefixed by a predefined sequence, which is used to identify the service (for instance #TEL#, #BUY#) followed by a space and the request parameters.
Message is forwarded to a web server, where it is passed to a dynamic procedure, performing necessary actions (such as a database search and storage of sent text). Depending on circumstances, server generates an answer, which is then sent to an SMS gateway to be deliveried to the requesting user.
In order to provide extra reliability and scalability, the server is hosted on a cluster built on four physical computers.
This way, not only we can stay assured the request is not lost in case the server is not available, but also to manage it using free available resources at their best, in order to speed up response times.
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