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Push-messaging services

SMS-R short message delivery services allow you reaching hundreds of people with a single mouse click.
Thanks to an intuitive web interface, you will arrange your contacts in separate lists, each one labeled with a name (for instance customers, suppliers, friends) and message them through SMS quickly and easily.
Possible applications are only limited by your creativity. Some examples:
  • A disco club can inform all its frequent visitors about a particular event with special guests
  • A company can make aware all its customers about a new, innovative product
  • An association can warn all its members a meeting, a course or a tournament
  • A local newspaper can send the latest news, with some ads, to all users who subscribed the service
There are many advantages using SMS-R, and these include:
  • saved time spent typing compared to a mobile phone keypad (even if equipped with T9)
  • faster message delivery compared to a mobile phone (tens of messages a second)
  • option to specify an alphanumeric sender (maximum 11 characters) instead of a mobile phone number
  • facility to create recipient lists, which is not possible on many mobile phones
  • ability to check if message has been received and exact time of delivery
  • message history to verify past sent messages
  • lower costs compared to standard operator prices for SMS messaging
Note: Messages should be sent only to users who explicitly gave their consent to receive communications on their mobile phone number, to avoid privacy issues. Customer is responsible of any legal troubles which should arise from misuse of the service.

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