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M2M for Vending Machines management

Flower VendorSMS-R manages since 2004 a network of automated machines selling fresh flowers, with installations all over Europe, thanks to its advanced Machine-2-Machine systems.
These distributors, located in commercially strategical positions, offer to casual visitors an opportunity to purchase a floreal composition to bring as a gift to a beloved person, perfectly maintained at fridge temperature and provided with an embedded water supply (thanks to an exclusive patented system).

Each distributor is equipped with a GSM transceiver, directly connected to the mother board, programmed to send and receive informations in the form of SMS messaging.
On every night the distributor sends to the gateway phone number an SMS message containing the list of the slots which enclosed product has been sold during the day. When received, message is forwarded to a dynamic procedure running on a web server.
List is stored in a database, then forwarded to a predefined set of mobile phone numbers and email addresses.
This way, managing staff can immediately acknowledge which one products have been sold, to promptly recharge the distributor with new fresh quality flowers, and never remain with an empty machine having no items to be sold.

Moreover, to ensure products freshness and quality, the system is equipped with an Automated Temperature Control System.
This system automatically sends, once a week (at scheduled hour) a command through SMS to all distributors, to request measurement of fridge chamber temperature.
Vendors then send the response to the gateway, which forwards it to a dynamic procedure checking if detected temperatures matches preset fridge temperature or is in a defined margin of tolerance. If the value is out of range, two additional temperature measurement commands are scheduled for the next two hours. On third measurement, if at least two measurements were not within tolerance, an alert is sent through SMS, to signal the problem and allow prompt fridge repairment by a technician.
All measured data are archived to provide detailed statistics about fridge temperature shifting over time.

Remote system administration

System management is performed by a complete web-based administration backend, providing separate levels of access for different users depending on their role: while master administrator can search and view any distributor data, and define new ones, a supervisor role allows viewing all data the administrator can access, without having a chance to modify anything.
Each one distributor can be managed by a single user, and zone administrators can be defined which have control on all Vending Machines assigned to their group.
User with proper rights on a Vending Machine will have a chance to:
  • graphically display machine slots status (to check if they contain products, date they were loaded and if expiry date has been trespassed)
  • download a list of all items which were sold in a given time span, for statistical purposes
Each Vending Machine features a technical sheet where all its technical data and billing details can be entered on different tabs. Each time the technical sheet is edited, previous version is archived with a comment in the history, to keep track of any changes to the installation. A technical assistance role allows editing the machine technical sheet without viewing sold articles listings and other sensitive data.

Application has been localized in English, Italian and partially French language, and can be translated to any other additional language thanks to a web-based interface which doesn't require any programming knowledge (users delegated to localization won't have access to any other functionality).
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